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Friday, December 18, 2009

Constant tummyaches.. Hate it.

Hate it when I'm feeling better for awhile after I went to the toilet, and then it acts up again. Urgh. Was planning to go gym or run with ShanqKuen and/or ChuanDe today. But I guess I gotta call it off. Sorry dudes.

So yesterday I've been out to do MA project with Caroline, HuiWen, SeenYee and Sheery at City Hall. I reached the earliest, so I took the chance to go to HMV to play FIFA10 on PS3. I don't know if it was me who didn't play soccer games for a period of time, or was it the graphics of PS3 games that amazed me. I TOTALLY ENJOYED PLAYING IT AND IT'S TEMPTING ME TO BUY PS3 AGAIN.

But I would still wait till next year and see if I have the time to play it or not. Heh.

Anyway, I'm really glad that my MA group has been super efficient. I haven't had such an efficient and nice project meeting for a long long time. We can even afford to have jokes in between. Nice feeling.

Project meeting ended like less than three hours? xD Accompanied gf for dinner at Just Acia. I ordered a korean dish - spicy chicken rice or something like that. Korean chilli is hot! I need two cups of drinks for that dish. Luckily there's free flow of drinks there. Haha.

& when I reached home, I finished up the curry chicken dish that my mum has cooked. Lols. I know the consequences the next day but heck! It's simply too delicious for Mr Greedy to resist it. :P

Now my tummy is feeling better already. Thank god.

I love those moments. :)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So I went to the gym today with ShanqKuen.

He has been a great help to me during the past few months. Giving me tips, encouragement and the ways of how to build up my body. Although I only managed to build up my biceps, triceps and shoulders a lil, it's all thanks to him that I can do this far. Thanks dude. :)

Today is the first time I went to the gym in YCK in a weekday. & wow, so many muscular men! :/ Normally during the weekends there will be quite a number of poly and JC students playing around in the gym, or training a lil. But during the weekdays it's usually the more hardcore ones who hit that place. Oh man, I felt kinda inferior, cos I was like the skinniest one there training. :/

Anyway, holidays has been mundane, but it was kinda relaxing. Haha. But the thing is mum confiscated my psp as she says I need to revise my studies more during the holidays due to my bad results last semester. Urgh. Now my holidays lack one 'major activity'. Sigh.

ChunHian told me today that he bought the PC version of PES2010 and keep complimenting it to me. It certainly sounds like PS3 version of the game. & he said that he would try to burn the disc for me if possible. Shiokness! If he successfully burns it for me, what's left for me to do is to buy a PC game controller which cost only around 30 plus bucks. & I would have a new game for this holidays! :D

So that's all folks. Till then..

Things just turned complicated.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This video shows why Andrey Arshavin is simply the best.

Four goals against Liverpool. Come on. Who in the world can do that. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo. Four goals in a match is already a rare sight, but against a team like Liverpool is pure legendary.

<3 Arshavin!

Oh, and Christmas is coming soooooooon. So here's my Christmas wishlist!

1. Playstation 3 (I know that's impossible -.-)
2. Germany World Cup 2010 Jersey
3. Sony Ericsson C903

Anyone who buys any of these three for me will be blessed by god. :D

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upon typing this post, I have much anger to unveil as a hardcore football person.

Slovenia 1 Russia 0 (Aggregate 2-2, Slovenia win on away goals rule)

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so dissapointed.

I'm so anticipated to see Russia playing in South Africa next year because I feel that it is a very exciting team with youths blossoming and their pace, passing and finish have improved a lot over the past few years when Guus Hiddink took charge of the team.

But one thing still remains very shaky - their central defence.

Seriously, Sergei Ignashevitch and Vasili Berezutsky were sleeping! What were they doing which lead to that fateful goal!

They are good defenders but their focus has always been a major concern - at both club and international level.

Their sloppy defending led to a goal which they could have easily avoided if their man marking was better.

The Soviets' attacking play has been draggy during that match too. They couldn't finish off valuable chances. & they paid the ultimate price.

I have actually asked Kugan to buy Russia's 2010 World Cup jersey for me with 'ARSHAVIN 10' printed at the back for me before the match. But now my hopes died.

Ukraine 0 Greece 1 (Aggregate 0-1)

Another one of the teams that I liked which have failed to reach the World Cup.

Both teams played well with equal chances. But a superb pass from Georgios Samaras and a cool finish by Dimitris Salpigidis sealed the Greek's path to South Africa.

I wouldn't whine much about this one. I was hoping Greece could repeat what they have done in Euro 2004 - at least securing a quarter-final place. That would be great for Greek football.

But I would miss Andriy Shevchenko.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 0 Portugal 1 (Aggregate 0-2)

Many people said that Portugal's performance is below par. Well I would like to think so too during the group stages of the qualifier.

But I can see that their form has picked up during the two legs againist Bosnia and they can actually cope decently without Cristiano Ronaldo. That's a pretty good sign.

& maybe I would like to praise Nani. He is superb during that match, giving precise passes and a couple of good strikes. One of his finest performance which I have seen so far and I hope he can bring that form to Manchester United as well.

Bosnia had a good game too. But their finishings were poor. So here goes their chances.

I don't know why but I got a feeling that Portugal is gonna go far in South Africa - at least quarter-finals.

France 1 Ireland 1 (Aggregate 2-1, after extra time)

France sucks! France is nothing without Zinedine Zidane.

Their performance for these four years have been far below par from what they were in World Cup 2006 in Germany. No teamwork, no efforts by individuals or whatsoever. Just scrap up some crap and with lady luck on their side to secure a place in South Africa is not something worth celebrating.

& I'm sure the French people will agree to that too.

A deflected goal by Nicholas Anelka in the first leg and a second goal in the second leg in courtesy of Thierry Henry's handball. Tata. They are in.

Lucky, and unlucky.

Ireland is the team who showed real threat throughout the two legs. & I'm definitely frustrated at the referee's decision for allowing that handball to continue which lead to a.. worthless goal. (I have something to say about the professionalism of referees nowadays too. I will post this another day.)

People said that although France won out of pure luck, many would like to see a European giant in South Africa rather than the underdogs. I think such comments are bullshits and such people use their butts to think instead of their brains.

How could they prefer a lifeless team to advance rather than a team with passion? That is real stupidity.

& I have to question Raymond Domenech's professionalism as the coach of France. How the hell is he still there after so many setbacks for French football at the international level under his guidance? He should be sacked long ago.

I don't think the Les Blues will go far in the World Cup if they continue their woeful performances. They may escape the qualification but never in the competition.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Should I take the language?

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Germans have reacted with shock and disbelief after national team 'keeper Robert Enke's apparent suicide at a train crossing near Hannover on Tuesday night. The national team have called off training as tributes to the goalkeeper flood in.

Robert Enke

According to Lower Saxony police the 32-year-old Hannover 96 'keeper was hit by a train at a crossing early on Tuesday evening and left a suicide note. Fellow players, coaches and fans have been stunned by the news of his death.

Fans flocked to Hannover's Niedersachsen Stadion where they were laying flowers and lighting candles at the gates in memory of their captain who had dedicated himself to the club since joining in 2004.

Hundreds of fans also gathered to light candles outside the Hannover 96 offices after learning of Enke's death. Hannover fan Florian Walter told Reuters Television outside the club offices: "This is a shock. He was an exceptional footballer. He was intelligent, educated, was very engaged with social projects in Hannover."

Germany have cancelled Wednesday's training session ahead of a friendly match against Chile in Cologne, and a statement from the German FA (DFB) read: ''The Germany national team's training planned for this morning has been called off. All interview appointments are cancelled;'' while German national team manager Oliver Bierhoff said the team were in a state of shock. "We are just all speechless," he said.

Schalke 04 striker Kevin Kuranyi said: "This can and must not be true. Robert was a fantastic guy" and Hamburg SV captain David Jarolim told Bild newspaper he was devastated. "I can hardly breathe. This is a real tragedy, first his daughter and then this."

Enke's two-year-old daughter died in 2006 due to a heart ailment, her death triggering an outpouring of sympathy for the family at the time.

"I am endlessly saddened by this," former Germany coach Franz Beckenbauer said. "When you receive such news all other things do not matter."

Enke, who was in the running to be Germany's starting goalkeeper at next year's World Cup in South Africa, had been at Hannover since 2004.

"This is terrible. I am not able at the moment to express myself in more detail," said Hannover 96 sports director Joerg Schmadtke, while chairman Martin Kind said: "I don't know why and how this happened. All I can say for sure is that it had nothing to do with football."

Tenerife, for whom Enke played on loan as a youngster, also paid tribute to their former player. "Tenerife want to convey their condolences and sympathy following the recent death of the German goalkeeper Robert Enke, who played for the team during the 2003-04 season," the club said on its website. "Tenerife will have a minute's silence in the next game against Sevilla at the estadio Helidoro Rodriguez Lopez and will wear black armbands.''

I can't believe this. I am totally shocked by this piece of news when I checked soccernet this morning. Now one of Germany's best goalkeepers, so young, has passed away.

It was a total tragedy. How can people in football not be grieved by that fact?


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Monday, November 2, 2009

Heyo! Has been a while since I last updated my blog, due to the same reason - Laziness. :X

Saturday 31 October

Met ShanqKuen at Chong Pang for lunch. The food there was yumyum man! :D & off we went to YCK gym after that.

Well he gave me more tips on how to train my body. Cos I can't seem to find the right way to do it. Thanks dude. I will try even harder from now. :)

Bugis Iluma next. Went to watch Jennifer's body which was a crap movie. It was a movie basically just for showing off Megan Fox's assets. But it's all worth it! :P

Headed to Tian Fu steamboat after that together with dear. & we passed him his birthday present. :)

trying to open his present, carefully. lolstill trying.. loltada! special? hahaha!love punch!
happy happy ^^

It's a lil pity actually. Kugan's at Moscow.. ChuanDe's in camp.. Joshua lost his phone so he's uncontactable.. But well, at least he know he still have these bunch of good friends like us. :)

We talked about lotsa issues. & we have an interest in a third language - Korean! Anihaseyo! :D

It's just an interest. No move has been made to sign up for learning the language yet though. Hahaha.

Awesome outing!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0

Seriously fucked up.

No, not cos of Liverpool. They are superb during that match. I'm fucked up against the Devil's performance which is like a toothless tiger.

Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney all had a very poor match, in contrast of Liverpool whose players are on the top of their forms. Liverpool deserved the win.

& I wanna take a rifle and shoot Andre Marriner on the head. He's been fucking bias throughout that match. Penalty not awarded against United for a foul on Michael Carrick, red card not given for Jamie Carragher who is the last defender for a foul from the back on Michael Owen. Javier Mascherano should be sent off long ago and the referee took 70+ minutes to award him only a yellow card and only sent him off during second half stoppage time.

Just wtf is he doing! Chun Hian and me are swearing him throughout the whole match. Just simply fucked up with his decisions.

But I'm sure Man U won't be defeated just like that. They have the capabilities to overcome this setback and strive even better. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for them.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


He's my bestie cousin ever. Hahaha. We may seldom meet up and catch up on each other only during occasions. But that's enough for our close and strong bonding since we were still kids. :)

Anyway, I'm officially 19 three days ago. Haha. Well I gotta say that this birthday has got to be one of my most memorable ones in my life. :) Thanks a lot to those people who remembered my birthday and wished me via Facebook, MSN, SMS and through other means. I sincerely thank you guys as each of these wishes makes me a step happier. :)

Special people to thank - Milopeng family, gf, ShanqKuen, Joshua, ChuanDe, Rey and Lavinia (my pretty cousin). Haha. Names are not in ranking order. :)

More updates soon!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm so bored at home.

My days were spent watching drama, playing psp and watching videos. How meaningless.

I guess I had enough rest and is ready for my last semester of Poly.

During school terms when we were rushing for projects, we hoped for holidays to come just tomorrow. Now we (at least me) got bored after just five weeks of holidays. Irony, isn't it?

Maybe it's because of the life I'm having now. Teaching tuition probably covered my expenses and savings for the month. Thanks to tuition I didn't get so bored during my free time. & at the same time I get to earn quick bucks. :D

But I'm actually an outgoing person and would prefer jobs that allows me to get to know new people and friends.

I did think of switching jobs cos I don't like to teach and I'm really sick and tired of teaching tuition although I know how to handle my students. But when school starts, teaching tuition is the best way to cover my expenses in the shortest time possible.

So, I would just hang on with it for the time being. My life is stagnant.

Okay, enough of me for now. A sweet video to share with you guys. :) Enjoy!

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